European Kyusho Jitsu Tuite

Soke Tero Laaksonen 9.dan European Kyusho Jitsu Tuite is a professional martial arts teacher and security trainer. He has practiced with several leading teachers from around the world and tough students e.g at Okinawa. The martial art developed by Laaksonen (EKJT) is modern self-defence. The strong foundation the art is the kata, Northern Bear (Kita-no-Kuma) also developed by Laaksonen.
He has teached martial arts over thirty years including teachers and students representing thirty different disciplines and styles.
Also he is a supporter of crosstraining as long as it is practiced together with qualified teachers.
Three of his books can be found in Okinawa karate museum and he is mentioned in two books from karatedoctor Tetsuhiro Hokama.
Traditional Chinese medicine is an important part of EKJT.
Laaksonen has had the opportunity as a civilian to participate in field operations together with police forces as a member of the team. On top of this he also has experience from doorman duties.
Soke Laaksonen was invited in to honoured World Head of Family Sokeship Council in year 2011.
Laaksonen is married to doctor Esti Laaksonen who has knowledge in four special areas within Western medicine.

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